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"I have had a bad experience with a designer before and was reluctant to try again. I am SO glad I did. Stacey is the first person I've worked with who truly got my style. She listened and asked questions and showed me photos before anything else, and I think it helped me a lot to be able to picture my rooms and feel confident about the space before buying. It came out so nicely and I'm so glad I found her and recommend her completely."


"I highly recommend working with Stacy! She offers expert advice, has excellent taste and resources, and was sensitive to our budget. She transformed my home into my personal oasis and was a delight to work with as well. She is truly an expert in all things design and I recommend her without hesitation"


"I’m so happy that I called Stacy. She made my bedroom into a dream room for less than I thought it would take. She’s creative and knowledgeable and I’m going to have her help with the rest of my house."


"I didn't know my room could be so nice and also kid friendly. Stacy helped me find solutions and products I never would have found on my own and I'm so happy with how it looks and functions for us."


"I highly recommend Stacy. I get compliments on my dining room every time people see it."


"Stacy helped me with a farmhouse style new home in Norwell. We are so happy with her work. She was great at explaining her vision, and it came out better than we even dreamed. My husband and I are thrilled with the price, outcome, and process. Thank you!"


 "I waited several weeks for Stacy to have time for me and it was SO worth the wait. I can see why she is often on a wait list!" 


"Stacy, share my number with people who aren't sure it they should hire you and have them call me. I'd love to share my experience personally. Do yourself a favor and get Stacy to help you!"


"Thank you Stacy Curran Interiors. I wish I had called you sooner."


-"Stacy was adept at navigating the post covid nightmare of shipping delays and supply problems and really helped me keep my sanity during this undertaking."


"Very happy with my experience and highly recommend."

"I can't even begin to find the words to thank you enough for everything you have done for our family. You've made our dream home come true! Truly grateful."




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